Founded in 1965, CCFEB is a key member wholly owned by China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd. (CSCEC), who ranks the 18th on Fortune Global 500 list in 2020.


CCFEB has gone through four stages, respectively Start in Military Industry in the period of planned economy, “Making Endeavour” in the period of transition and exploration, “Rebirth by Fire” in the period of rapid development, and “Achieving the Great Goal Steadily” in the period of high-quality development. After that, CCFEB has cultivated the distinctive quality of “Confidence, Credibility, Harmony and Pioneering”. In this way, CCFEB has developed into a first-class and modern investment and construction group integrating the roles of investor, constructor and operator.


CCFEB firmly implements the national strategy and keeps pace with the national development. Its seven business areas in China cover all over the country except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It attaches great importance to overseas development. After more than 30 years of effort, it has developed business in more than 30 countries and implemented projects in over 20 countries, forming a new development pattern dominated by domestic circulation and supplemented by domestic and international dual circulation.


With national super grade qualifications in housing, municipal works & highway construction and their design, CCFEB is mainly engaged in housing, infrastructure construction, investment and real estate development and other businesses. Relying on investment, infrastructure construction and overseas businesses, CCFEB has created a comparative advantage, ranking the top three among CSCEC subsidiaries.


CCFEB has total assets of more than CNY 150 billion and has invested more than CNY 300 billion. Since the 21st century, its key indicators have grown at a double-digit rate annually, its annual operation scale has exceeded CNY 400 billion, and its operating revenue has exceeded CNY 150 billion. CCFEB is steadily moving forward to its goal of “Fortune Global 500, top three in CSCEC and No.1 in Hunan Province”.


CCFEB has nearly 40,000 employees, among which more than 85% have bachelor's degree or above and more than 3,000 are high-level talents such as postdoctoral, doctoral, Professor-level engineers, or experts enjoying special allowances of the State Council. It has more than 5,000 high-end registration certificates such as First Class Registered Architect. In the company, there are emerging a number of talents, such as national models, deputies to the National People's Congress, national model workers, national technology champions, world skills champions and so on.


CCFEB has established a number of platforms such as the Research Institute of Engineering Innovation, Postdoctoral Workstation, Technical Center, Key Project Incubation Base, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Office. Driven by scientific and technological innovation, CCFEB continues to grow and become a national hi-tech enterprise.


CCFEB has set up General Contract Management Center, Asset Operation Management Company and other organizations, and also has established Design Management System. It takes the leading position in completing the industrial layout of the construction industry value chain in upper, middle and down stream, thus forming a whole industry chain integrating investment, R&D, design, construction and operation.


Focusing on customers and guided by valued service, CCFEB keeps optimizing supply chain and maintains the coordinated development of all specialties including “investment, real estate, housing construction, infrastructure construction, industrialization, mechanical and electrical installation, steel structure, decoration, curtain wall, garden, asset operation and property management”. CCFEB has cooperated with its mother company, providing various customers with a package of services in all business fields, full life circle, and whole industry chain.


Focusing on providing integrated solutions with additional value for the society, industry, market and customers, CCFEB vigorously develops green, fast, intelligent and industrial construction.


CCFEB, who adheres to building its hard power and enhancing its soft power, has launched an action of “serious management team and diligent employee, strengthened the core concept of “Confidence, Credict, Belief, Harmony”, so as to constantly upgrade the “Xin·He Culture, and to inject inexhaustible power for the development of the enterprise.


In the future, CCFEB will focus on the new era of development, fulfill the new idea of development and integrate into the new pattern of development. Centering on high-quality development and following the strategic goal of “One Creation and Five Strengths” (One Creation refers to creating a world-class enterprise with international competitiveness. Five Strengths refers to strong value creativity, strong international competitiveness, strong industry leadership, strong brand influence and strong cultural soft power)  and the “166” strategic initiatives of CSCEC, CCFEB will implement the strategic planning with the goal of One Top, Two Creations, Three Strengths, and Three Excellence”, upgrade  “coordinated development”, and rapidly become the brand new CCFEB” focusing on value creation. CCFEB is committed to becoming a world-leading investment and construction group with sustainable value creation.



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